19.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Karnataka drops NRC move, to create citizen database   The Karnataka government has put the Assam-like National Register of Citizens (NRC) proposal on the backburner and decided to narrow down its exercise to creating a database of immigrants without documents and foreign nationals overstaying their visa.   The change in stance is also partly due … Read more

18.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA     New draft strategy on cybersecurity in the making   Recently the  Synergia Conclave 2019 held in Karnataka, according to experts, Since the last national strategy document on cybersecurity in 2013, the nature of attack landscape has morphed to a great extent with the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and ransomware attacks … Read more

17.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Bengaluru to host the 5th Edition of World Coffee Conference   Bengaluru has been selected to host the 5th Edition of World Coffee Conference from 7-9 September 2020. International Coffee Organization (ICO) that functions under the United Nations. The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, will host the 3-day event.   The theme of the conference … Read more

16.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   State govt owes 751 crore to NWKRTC: Patil   The accumulated loss of North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) is pegged at Rs 882 crore and the state government owes it Rs 751 crore as reimbursement towards various kinds of free passes, said NWKRTC chairman V S Patil.   The accumulated loss has peaked due to … Read more

15.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Karnataka to speed up seeking SC approval for mining rehab plan   The State government has decided to speed up the process of seeking Supreme Court approval for its Comprehensive Environment Plan for Mining Impact Zone (CEPMIZ) worth ₹24,996 crore.   The government has been seeking the Supreme Court’s approval for the plan … Read more

13-14.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Textile policy 2013-18 failed to achieve Utopian target   The Karnataka Textile Policy 2013-18 has failed to achieve its target with respect to investment and employment, according to a report of CAG of India.   The report on Economic Sector for the year ending on March 2018, which was tabled in the State legislature, said … Read more

12.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   CAG report points to under-assessment of revenue by Karnataka State departments   A Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) report has revealed under-assessment/short-levy/loss of revenue aggregating to ₹750.43 crore by State Excise and Land Revenue departments apart from other departmental offices.   The CAG report, placed before the State legislature, said this … Read more

11.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Classical language tag: ‘Karnataka has failed to use funds’   The Union government accorded classical language status to Kannada in 2008, but nothing substantial has been achieved so far and utilisation of funds has been poor.   A Centre of Excellence for Studies in Classical Kannada, set up to do research, document, propagate, and teach … Read more

10.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Karnataka finding it tough to meet GST target   Despite growing at a rate of about 14% annually, Karnataka could be staring at the prospect of not meeting the protected revenue in Goods and Services Tax (GST) by 2022 when the Centre stops compensating the deficit between the protected and actual tax collected.   While … Read more

09.10.19 Karnataka (KPSC) Daily Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   POCSO cases: State releases Standard Operating Procedures   To improve coordination between different agencies and enable better conviction rates, the Standard Operating Procedures for Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012, said to be the first of its kind in the country, was released.   Published by the Karnataka State Commission for … Read more

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