30.09.20 Daily KPSC Current Affairs

KARNATAKA New Karnataka govt policy proposes mine and maritime tourism To provide a boost to the tourism sector, which is among the worst hit due to Covid-19, the state government unveiled a new policy for 2020-25. As part of this effort, it has started exploring options in 20 sectors. From the much-publicised agri-tourism to cultural … Read more

29.09.20 Daily KPSC Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Mega project eases thirst in rural Karnataka Improving potable water access in rural Karnataka has long been a challenge amid overuse of groundwater, contamination and drying surface sources. A project proposed in 2013 is now helping the state achieve the target. According to the government, 1 crore rural citizens have already been linked to the … Read more

28.09.20 Daily KPSC Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Cybercrimes jumped 64% in 2019, Karnataka worst-hit: NCRB Cybercrimes registered a massive 63.5% rise in 2019, with overall cases increasing to 44,546 from 27,248 in 2018 and 21,796 in 2017. Cybercrime rate went up to 3.3 from 2 in 2018, as per latest NCRB data on ‘Crime in India – 2019’. In the cities, a total … Read more

26-27.09.20 Daily KPSC Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Karnataka joins states in demand for IGST share After getting its GST compensation share through borrowings, Karnataka is mounting pressure on the Union government for its due share of Integrated Goods and Service Tax (IGST) in 2018-19. Kerala found a similar botch-up in 2017-18 and the Centre retained Rs 1,76,000 crore that was supposed to be distributed among … Read more

25.09.2020 Daily KPSC Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Private sector job quota tough to implement in Karnataka The state government made provisions to offer reservation in private-sector jobs to locals nearly a year ago, but they have been ineffective because of technical and legal challenges and a lack of mechanism to check if recruitments are happening. Its attempts to ensure domicile reservation for … Read more

24.09.2020 Daily KPSC Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Hudali village in Karnataka follows Gandhian way of life Hudali village near Belagavi district in Karnataka is a living monument of Gandhian way of life. It has imbibed Gandhian Philosophy and continues to live in the Gandhian way, even today. Mahatma Gandhi had spent a few days in the village in 1937 and … Read more

23.09.2020 Daily KPSC Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Karnataka to ask all private companies to hire Kannadigas   The state government said on Wednesday it would soon issue a directive to industries to recruit only Kannadigas in group C&D jobs and give preference to them in category A&B and skill-based posts.   In December last year, the state government had, through a notification, … Read more

22.09.2020 Daily KPSC Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Karnataka govt again revises definition of containment zones   With the virus spreading rapidly across the state post-Unlock measures, the government has again revised the definition of containment zones. Now, if there are 20 or more active Covid cases within a radius of 100 metres, the area will be declared a containment zone. … Read more

21-09.2020 Daily KPSC Current Affairs

KARNATAKA   Karnataka government to push farm and labour ordinances Despite widespread protests, the Karnataka government has decided to reissue ordinances after three contentious bills failed to get the legislative council’s nod last week. Their main demand was to withdraw the amendment that raised the cap on buying of farmland from 54 acres to 400 acres. The … Read more

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