DPPQ- 26-02-2022- Daily Prelims Practice Quiz Mock Questions

The Highest paid female athletes of 2021 according to Forbes is Which of the following crops is called camel crops The winner of Man Booker Prize 2021 is The 2021 Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated on which date in India The acronym STD written on Telephone booth stands for ___ The central government has … Read more

DPPQ- 25-02-2022- Daily Prelims Practice Quiz Mock Questions

A major thrust to social forestry concept was given by Which of the following privileges obtained by the English under the Royal Farman of 1717 proved to be the bone of contention between them and the Nawabs of Bengal Coffee pot of the world refers to- Oslo is the capital of World Biodiversity Day is … Read more

DPPQ- 24-02-2022- Daily Prelims Practice Quiz Mock Questions

Which one is known as Roof of the world The Blue Revolution is related with census As per 2011 Mizoram stands third in literacy behind The maximum diversity of bamboo is found in the ________ state of North East India. Irom Sharmila is on fast demanding Who has become the oldest Indian woman to complete … Read more

DPPQ- 23-02-2022- Daily Prelims Practice Quiz Mock Questions

Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the Seventh Pay Commission As per the revised GST norms the GST on Haj has been reduced from 18 per cent to La Nina is a Who was the first woman IPS officer Which of the following is the first country to declare an environment and climate … Read more

DPPQ- 22-02-2022- Daily Prelims Practice Quiz Mock Questions

Which of the following is used in pencils For the first time Indian Legislature was made Bi-cameral under India s rank in the Global Peace Index released by the Institute for Economics and Peace IEP on June 2019 was st st What is India s rank in the 2017 world economic forum s Global Gender … Read more

DPPQ- 21-02-2022- Daily Prelims Practice Quiz Mock Questions

Who won the Nobel Peace Prize on 2021 World Food Day was observed across the world on Human Immuno Deficieny Virus HIV was discovered by Which Indian personality will be conferred with the France s highest order of merit Legion of Honour nd at the 42 International Kolkata Book Fair 2018 At which of the … Read more

DPPQ- 20-02-2022- Daily Prelims Practice Quiz Mock Questions

Juvenile Justice Care and Protection of Children Act 2015 came into force in 2016. Which Ministry is looking after its implementation Economic goods are Which of the following states ranks first in terms of the maximum number of agro based industries Which Union Minister launched Saubhagya Web Portal 16 August 1946 was proclaimed by the … Read more

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