3.12.22 KPSC Daily Current Affairs

Karnataka is third in LSD cattle deaths
Karnataka has recorded the third highest number of cattle deaths caused by lumpy skin disease (LSD) in the country after Rajasthan and Maharashtra, with largely unaffected southern regions like Bengaluru and Mysuru reporting more cases by the day.
The Karnataka toll stands at 21,908, behind Maharashtra (28,227) and Rajasthan (75,820). Punjab has counted 17,932 cattle deaths so far.
Experts claimed that vaccination and awareness programmes have helped control the spread of the disease in northern Karnataka, but the south seems to be the new nerve centre, which has farmers worried.
Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is a highly contagious viral disease of cattle and buffalo. Infection typically includes symptoms like fever, 2-5cm-sized skin nodules, abortion in pregnant animals, depression and reduction in milk yield. The disease can result in animal welfare issues and significant production losses.
It is spread by movement of affected animals, by insects or parasites such as flies, mosquitoes and ticks, by contaminated equipment and directly from animal to animal in some cases.
World Bank hints that Global Economy on a steep Slowdown
Global Economy on a steep Slowdown: According to the most recent World Bank study, the
global economy is experiencing a sharp decline after almost a year of uncertainty in 2022. TheWorld Bank report noted that the COVID-19 pandemic’s repercussions are still being felt todayin the form of education losses, worldwide inflation, supply chain disruptions, and other issueson a global scale.
The economy of the three biggest economies in the world—the United States, China, and theeuro zone—have been rapidly slowing.
It went on to say that given the situation, even a slight blow to the world economy over the
course of the ensuing year may send it into a recession.
In its study, the World Bank also noted that the escalating intensity of natural disasters
continues to shed light on the social and economic effects of climate change.
India to assume chairmanship of Wassenaar Arrangement on January 1, 2023
India will assume chairmanship of the plenary of the Wassenaar Arrangement for a year on
January 1, 2023, just five years after joining the 42-member voluntary export control regime
that monitors transfers of conventional weapons and dual-use goods.
The body is a multilateral export control regime that works to promote transparency and
greater responsibility in transfers of conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies
Through regular exchanges of information among its members.
Membership of the Wassenaar Arrangement has also bolstered India’s efforts to gain access to ensitive goods and technologies from leading players in the West.
Sebi asks exchanges to set up Investor Risk Reduction Access platform
Markets regulator Sebi asked stock exchanges to set up an Investor Risk Reduction Access (IRRA) platform to give investors an opportunity to square off their position or cancel pending orders in case of disruption of trading services provided by trading members.
It said in recent times, with increasing dependence on technology in the securities market,
there is a rise in instances of glitches in trading members’ systems, some of which lead to
disruption of trading services and investor complaints.
As per the provisions, trading members, upon facing technical glitches which lead to disruptionof trading services, can request for enablement of the IRRA service.
Climate Investment Opportunities in India’s Cooling Sector report
The report said that as temperatures steadily rise in India due to climate change, keeping spaces cool using alternative and innovative energy efficient technologies can open an investment opportunity of $1.6 trillion by 2040.
This also has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly and create nearly 3.7 million jobs.
The report has found that shifting to a more energy efficient pathway could lead to a substantial reduction in expected CO2 levels over the next two decades.
India’s cooling strategy can help save lives and livelihoods, reduce carbon emissions and simultaneously position India as a global hub for green cooling manufacturing.
The report suggests a sustainable roadmap for cooling that has the potential to reduce 300 million tons of carbon dioxide annually by 2040.
Space Tech Innovation Network
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Social Alpha to establish a SpaceTech Innovation Network (SpIN).
Social Alpha is a multistage innovation curation and venture development platform supporting activities concerning science and technology. It supports innovators and entrepreneurs who are involved in the creation of social, economic and environmental impact to address India’s developmental challenges. It operates through a nationwide network of technology and business incubation infrastructure, with the sponsorship from Tata Trusts, the Indian Government, and other academic, philanthropic and corporate partners.
Implementation of Seed Scheme
The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is implementing a Scheme for Economic Empowerment of DNTs (SEED) for Development and Welfare of DNTs. In order to ensure that the benefit of the scheme reaches to the real targeted beneficiaries, the Ministry has also developed and opened the portal for SEED in September, 2022 calling for applications.
About 4700 applications available on the portal have been extracted from the portal and forwarded to State Governments for verification.
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