8.2.23 KPSC Daily Current Affairs

Karnataka govt mulls industry tag for jaggery units to ensure quality
Growing demand for jaggery and jaggery-based products, thanks to rising awareness about healthy lifestyles, and widespread adulteration of the item have prompted the commerce and industries department to contemplate regulating the sector and set standards.
A state-level coordination committee will meet this week to decide on conferring the ‘industry’ tag on the sector.
Given jaggery has a higher nutritional value than sugar, its consumption will only increase with the rising focus on sustainable lifestyle. While India is the biggest exporter of jaggery, Karnataka being the third biggest sugarcane growing state should have cashed in on the advantages that jaggery production offers. However, lack of the authorities’ focus has cost Karnataka dear as can be seen by the fall in jaggery production in Mandya. An industry tag will certainly go a long way in not only reviving the sector but also generating jobs. It will bring the units under regulatory control so that quality can be ensured and adulteration checked.
India signs MoU with Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle Joint Business Council
India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle Joint Business Council (IMT-GT JBC), Malaysia to further promote the adoption of energy efficiency and sustainable practices in the region.
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a  Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Power, signed the  (MoU) with the IMT-GT JBC Malaysia coinciding with the India Energy Week celebrations. The next meeting of the working group will be held in Gujarat.
India plans to promote green tourism during G20 presidency
 India plans to promote green tourism, open up to 50 new tourism destinations, and launch a publicity campaign in overseas markets during its presidency of the G20 this year, officials said.
India will host more than 200 G20 meetings at over 50 locations during the year, including key tourist attractions in Rajasthan, Goa, and Jammu & Kashmir, as well as near the archaeological site of Dholavira in Gujarat and other historical monuments, officials said.
The government is pushing green initiatives to promote responsible tourism in the country and authorities plan to ensure small businesses have the resources for green investments and to create local jobs.
The government estimates that foreign tourist numbers could reach 15 million in 2024, contributing more than $30 billion in earnings.
Tourist inflows had fallen to close to seven million in 2021, based on industry estimates, from 11 million in 2019.
India has already added new airports, and provided online visa facilities for tourists from about 160 countries. The government also allows foreign investors to invest 100% in tourism related businesses.
Govt to set up separate wing of integrative medicine in all medical colleges and hospitals
The Union government is working towards setting up a separate wing of integrative medicine in all medical colleges and hospitals.
The Central government is working towards setting up a separate wing for integrative medicine, an approach that combines conventional medicine with traditional treatments, in all the medical colleges and hospitals. Government has established 1,50,000 health and wellness centres across platforms that promote meditation, Yoga, and all aspects and activities.
Information Technology Exports from India
Government has taken various steps to increase the Information Technology export from the country as detailed below
Software Technology parks of India (STP) Scheme: Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), an autonomous society under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is implementing Software Technology parks of India (STP) Scheme, which is a 100% export oriented Scheme for the development and export of computer software, including export of professional services using communication links or physical media. The export by STPI registered IT/ITeS Units is increasing on Y-o-Y basis and is stands at$ 80.3 Billion in the FY 2021-22.
Special Economic Zones (SEZs): The SEZ Act, 2005, supported by SEZ Rules, came into effect on 10thFebruary, 2006 for promotion of export of goods and services, creation of employment opportunities and generation of additional economic activities.
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