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Param Pravega Commissioned By IISC Bengaluru


The Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in Bengaluru has launched “Param Pravega,” one of India’s most powerful supercomputers.


  • The supercomputer Param Pravega has a supercomputing capacity of 3.3 petaflops. It is an Indian academic institution’s largest supercomputer.
  • Param Pravega is a supercomputer that belongs to the High-Performance Computing system family.
  • This system comprises a variety of heterogeneous nodes, with CPU nodes powered by Intel Xeon Cascade Lake processors.
  • It includes a software stack on top of the hardware that includes various program development tools, utilities, and libraries for developing and executing High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications. 



    Salesforce Global Digital Skills Index Released For 2022


    India came in first in the SalesForce Global Digital Skills Index for 2022. The ranking is based on a comparison of 19 countries.


    • The index was calculated using public readiness to learn new digital skills and employee emotions.
    • India received the highest readiness score of all the countries. India received a total of 63 points.
    • The index was calculated supported by a survey. The survey asked inquiries to quite 23,500 workers altogether the 19 countries.
    • 60% of the Indians are equipped with digital resources. Only 25% of the respondents in India believe that advanced technical skills are a must at the workplace.
    • Only 39% of Indians believe that their workplace had advanced digital marketing skills. Quite half the respondents wanted to find new skills, mainly to progress in their careers. Younger respondents were more confident that they had ambitious goals of learning new skills.






    World Largest Igloo Cafe In J&K


    In Jammu & Kashmir, an igloo café has opened. It is presently the World’s largest igloo café. Snowglu is the name of the café. The owner, Wasim Shah, constructed it.


    • The café has been inbuilt in Gulmarg, Kashmir. It is 44.5 feet in diameter and 37.5 feet tall. The café has become one of the main tourist attractions within the region.
    • There are two sections within the café. One section is for art and therefore the other for seating. There are ten tables.
    • The café can accommodate 40 people. The skin of sheep was wont to make seat covers within the restaurant. It took 1,700 man-days to end the project. Altogether 64 days and 25 labors.
    • Before this, the most crucial café was in Switzerland. The Switzerland Café is 33.8 feet tall and 42.4 feet in diameter. Snowglu café is three to four feet taller than the one in Switzerland.
    • Igloo, maybe a snow house. The snow traps the air molecules. These air molecules keep the house warm. The surface temperature could also be -45 degrees Celsius. But inside Igloo, it’s -7 degrees Celsius.



    India’s First OECM Site Is Aravalli Biodiversity Park


    The Aravalli Biodiversity Park was named the first Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECM) site on World Wetlands Day, February 2.


    • The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) provides the OECM tag.The OECM sites aren’t protected, yet they are rich in biodiversity, according to the IUCN.
    • The Aravalli Hills are the country’s first OECM site. The National Biodiversity Authority proposed that Aravallis be designated as the OECM.
    • Illegal mining has resulted in the loss of 25% of the Aravallis. According to CAG, there were over 4,00000 incidences of illegal mining. Thirty-one hills have gone since the 1960s.
    • The OECM areas were established at the 2018 Convention on Biological Diversity. “OECM is not a protected area,” in layman’s terms. It is governed to obtain favorable results.
    • The objectives are biodiversity protection and focusing on cultural, socioeconomic, and spiritual values.”
    • Technical Definition is divided into three categories. Auxiliary conservation, secondary conservation, and primary conservation are the three types of conservation.



    First Time A Women Vice Chancellor For JNU



    SantishreeDhulipudi Pandit was recently appointed as the administrator of Nehru University (JNU). She is the first woman VC of the university.


    • The President of India appointed her. Her appointment was recommended by the prime minister and, therefore, the education ministry.
    • She may be a politics professor. She is additionally an alumna of JNU and a doctorate in diplomacy.
    • Her tenure is for five years. Before becoming the VC of JNU, she was working as a politics professor at the Savitribai Phule University of Maharashtra.
    •  She started her career as a professor in Goa in 1988. Then she moved to Pune University in 1993. She has guided 29 doctorates.
    • She has been a member of the Indian Council of Science Research and University Grants Commission (UGC).


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