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Mangaluru Plastic Park Construction Approved


The Karnataka government recently approved the construction of a plastic park in Ganjimutt, Managaluru.


To carry out the project, the KIADB will establish a specific purpose vehicle under its control. KIADB is also a key promoter.

The park will cost Rs 62.77 crores to build. It will be constructed on property owned by the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB).Hundreds of jobs will be created for local kids as a result of the park.

In the park, a polypropylene unit will be placed up. This plant will supply raw ingredients to the park’s polymer and plastics businesses.

Thermoplastic polymer polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer. It is mostly utilized in the manufacture of plastic packaging.

In addition, the park will aid in the reduction of transportation costs. This is due to the fact that the park will be home to 32 businesses.

Entrepreneurs from other districts are included as well. The park will have an administrative building, an export building, and a warehouse facility, among other things.

Funds And Concerns

The federal government will contribute 50 percent of the total anticipated cost of 62.77 crores of rupees, or 31.38 crores. The KIADB will be responsible for the remaining 50%.

The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, which is part of the Central Government, has established project implementation criteria.

If the work is not done within three months, the funds will be redistributed to other eligible projects.

Plastic Park Scheme

Industrial zones are plastic parks. They play an important part in the expansion of machinery suppliers as well as plastic manufacturing, recycling, and processing businesses.

So far, plastic parks have been established at Tamont village in Madhya Pradesh, Billaua village in Gwalior, Odisha, Pradeep village near Jagatsinghpur, Assam, Devipur in Jharkhand, and Voyallur in Tamil Nadu’s Thiruvallur district.

India accounts for under 1% of global plastic exports. India has a major plastics sector. It is, however, severely fractured. The plastic parks will aid in the industry’s consolidation.




Five-Alarm Global Fire


According to the United Nations, the globe will confront five big threats in 2022. Five–alarm global fire is the name given to these dangers.


COVID-19, lawlessness in cyberspace, climate change, a bankrupt global financial system, and degraded peace and security are the five alarms.

The pandemic, as per the United Nations, benefits the wealthy while punishing the poor. The international financial system is insolvent.

In fact, a strong and stable financial system should be able to help countries cope with financial shocks.

Regrettably, this is not the case right now. Investments are being made that are lopsided. As a result, the recovery is lopsided. The term “lopsided” refers to the fact that one side is larger than the other.

Debt relief is denied to middle-income countries. Poorer countries are experiencing the slowest or no growth at all.


India: First UNDP Youth Climate Champion


Prajakta Koli, a content creator, and artist has been named India’s first UNDP Youth Climate Champion.


She was awarded the honor as a result of her collaboration with the UNDP.

Her title was bestowed to her in recognition of her contributions to mental health, female child education, and women’s rights through different international social movements.


India-Denmark R&D – Green Fuels


At a recent virtual meeting, India and Denmark agreed to begin cooperation research and development on green fuels, including green hydrogen.


At a virtual meeting in January, the agreement was signed as part of the previously established “Green Strategic Partnership – Action Plan 2020-2025.”

Aside from the agreement, the India-Denmark Joint Committee examined national strategic priorities and advancements in both countries’ Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI).

Green investment plans in green research, technology, and innovation received special attention.

Chinese bridge at Pangong Tso


Amid the ongoing standoff between India and China in eastern Ladakh, China is building another bridge on the Pangong Tso. Construction of new bridge was spotted in satellite images.


China is building the bridge near to friction points on north bank of Pangong Tso and Chushul sub-sector on south bank. The bridge is around 400 m long and 8 m wide.


This bridge is being constructed at around 20 km east of Finger 8 on the north bank.


In India’s perception, the Line of Actual Control lies at Finger 8.

Site of the bridge is within India’s claim line. However, this area has been under Chinese control since 1958.

Pangong Tso is a 135-km-long landlocked lake. Around two-thirds part of the lake are under Chinese control. This bridge is near the halfway mark.







Star Rating System Of Environment Ministry


The “Star Rating System” was just created by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change. The mechanism clears the surroundings in a short amount of time.


With this new method, the Environment Ministry will rate and incentivize the states.

The ministry will identify states that efficiently provide environmental clearances in a short period of time. It will then provide incentives for such states.

The star rating system assigns states points on a scale of one to seven for this. For completing a project in less than 80 days, the states gain two points.

One point for clearing in less than 105 days. If you clear more than this amount of time, you’ll get a zero.


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