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Onake Obavva Jayanti Observed By Karnataka


From the year 2021, the Karnataka government has celebrated ‘Onake Obavva Jayanti’ on 11 November.


♦ Kannada and Culture Department proposed that Onake Obavva’s birth anniversary be commemorated.

♦ In the 18th century, Onake Obavva was a woman-soldier who fought against Hyder Ali’s army in Chitradurga.

♦ The events will be funded by the state.

Onake Obavva was a courageous woman who fought Hyder Ali’s men with a pestle on her own.

♦ She fought in the Karnataka kingdom of Chitradurga. Her husband worked as a watchtower guard in the Chitradurga fort.

♦ In Karnataka, she is honored with Abbakka Rani, Kittur Chennamma, and Keladi Chennamma. She was a member of the Holayas (Chalavadi) tribe.

♦ While protecting the fort of Chitradurga, Obavva was killed by warriors of Tipu Sultan’s father (Hyder). She fought with her ‘Onake,’ earning her the nickname ‘Onake Obavva.’




Starlink Introduces A New, Smaller Dish For Connecting To Satellites



Starlink, an Internet Service initiative, has launched a dish that interested customers can purchase to learn more about SpaceX’s developing low-Earth-orbit satellite constellation.


♦ According to The Verge, the dish is a slimmer and lighter-weight choice than the circular dish that Starlink beta testers will be testing in 2020.

♦ SpaceX’s satellite internet project is called Starlink.

♦ It was launched with the goal of deploying 12,000 satellites into low Earth orbit to offer people on the ground broadband internet access.

♦ It will deliver services in regions where traditional internet infrastructure is lacking, such as isolated and rural areas.

♦ In order to use the system, users must install a dish near their home, such as on their roof.

♦ At all times, the dish should be positioned so that users have an unobstructed view of the sky (free of trees or other obstructions).



World Pneumonia Day Commemorated On 12 November


Every year on November 12th, the world commemorates World Pneumonia Day


♦ It is celebrated to raise awareness, promote prevention and treatment, and inspire action to combat the disease.

♦ World Pneumonia Day 2021 is an annual event that first took place in 2009.

♦ Raise awareness of pneumonia, the biggest cause of death in children under the age of five.

♦ In order to prevent and treat pneumonia, interventions must be strengthened, accelerated, and sustained.

♦ Focus on ensuring that all people have equal access to and receive comprehensive pneumonia prevention and control programs.

♦ Develop specialized ways to reach “harder-to-reach” people in order to increase their access to available solutions.



Delhi Declaration: Afghanistan


On November 10, 2021, India hosted a regional security summit. Eight countries, including Iran and Russia, attended the summit.


♦ Each country’s national security advisors attended the conference.

♦ During the summit, it was announced that Afghanistan and its territories could not be used to harbor, train, or finance terrorists.

♦ The “Delhi Declaration on Afghanistan” was issued by the countries as a unified statement.


♦ According to the statement, eight countries discussed the growing Afghan situation, as well as the worldwide implications of the Taliban’s takeover.

♦ They devoted specific attention to terrorism threats, Afghanistan’s current political crisis, radicalization, and drug trafficking.





Public Service Broadcasting Day Is Observed On 12 November


Every year on November 12th, Public Service Broadcasting Day is observed.


♦ The day is observed to honor Mahatma Gandhi’s first and only visit to the All India Radio studio in Delhi in 1947.

♦ Mahatma Gandhi addressed the displaced people (a Pakistani refugee) who had temporarily moved to Kurukshetra, Haryana, after partition on November 12, 1947.

♦ After Suhas Borker, Convenor, Jan Prasar, conceptualized the day, it was declared Public Service Broadcasting Day or (Jan Prasaran Diwas) in 2000.

♦ Prasar Bharati has been entrusted with the task of public service broadcasting in order to strengthen democratic traditions and provide opportunities to people from all walks of life.


Sugar Cane, Cotton, Jute Farmers To Get Incentives


The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) authorized a number of measures to help cotton, sugar cane, and jute growers.


♦ The CCEA raised the price of ethanol made from sugar cane juice in order to blend it with gasoline.

♦ Blending of ethanol with gasoline is predicted to reach 10% by 2022 and 20% by 2025.

♦ The rate of ethanol produced from C-heavy molasses has also risen thanks to CCEA.

♦ At the rate specified by the government, oil marketing corporations buy ethanol from distilleries and sugar mills.

♦ The ethanol blending scheme helped to minimize the country’s reliance on crude oil imports.

♦ The Cotton Corporation of India received committed price assistance of Rs. 17,408.85 crore from the CCEA (CCI).

♦ Reservation guidelines for the required use of jute in packaging were authorized by the CCEA.



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