14.09.21 Daily KPSC Current Affairs


Karnataka: New solar power policy in the works

The state government plans to unveil a new solar power policy next month and phase out power purchase agreements (PPAs), which have become problematic for Karnataka because of excess production and must-use clauses.

There are no storage facilities for solar power, and the government finds it difficult to fulfil the rigid requirements of PPAs that were signed long back. At the same time, it has to utilise funds to keep conventional sources alive as a backup.


The energy department is working on a plan to utilise solar power for the operation of irrigation pumpsets, offset must-use clauses in long-term PPAs and reduce power subsidies provided to farmers. “There are two mechanisms. One is the old scheme of offline solar pumpsets. The other one that is being looked into is supplying solar power directly to agriculture feeder lines rather than merging with commercial and domestic lines.




India and Australia Relations – 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue


The Indian External Affairs Minister and the Minister of Defense held talks with the Australian Foreign Minister at the high-level meeting of the India-Australia 2+2 Foreign Ministers and Defense Ministers Dialogue in New Delhi.


This dialogue aims to further strengthen the overall defense and strategic cooperation between the two countries, including cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region amid China’s growing military confidence in the region.

The in-person talks are taking place at a time the world focus has been on the situation in Afghanistan and the problem is possible to determine in the deliberations.

The talks between the foreign and defense ministers were held as the Quad member states renewed their efforts to expand cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.







nFiNi Platform – NPCI and Finserv


NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) in partnership with Fiserv Inc. to launch the plug-and-play RuPay savings card stack, ‘nFiNi’. nFiNi is a ready stack of offerings required for fintechs and banks to difficulty RuPay credit cards and will enable fintech to co-create bank-sponsored credit cards. It is a BaaS (banking-as-a-service) programme.


The nFiNi platform will power RuPay cards (including National Common Mobility Card) with the aid of imparting access to wished services via the NPCI community blended with FirstVisionTM cloud-based open API integrations from Fiserv.


ATL Space Challenge 2021 – ISRO and CBSE


I n collaboration with ISRO and CBSE,  the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) launched ATL Space Challenge 2021.


The mission has been designed for all mentors, teachers and school students throughout the country who not only are related with schools having ATL labs but for all the non ATL schools as well.

This is to make sure that students of classes 6 to 12 are given an open platform where they can innovate and allow themselves to solve digital age space technology problems.

The 2021 ATL Space Challenge is consistent with the 2021 World Space Week and is held on a global scale from October 4th to 10th to celebrate the contributions of space science and technology.


Transport and Marketing Assistance Scheme Has Revised


The center revised the “Transportation and Marketing Assistance” (TMA) scheme for specific agricultural products.


Now, the scheme has been notified for the duration April 2021 to March 2022. In the revised scheme, the following modifications have been made:

Dairy products, which have not been protected under the former scheme, will be eligible for help under the revised scheme.


Rates of assistance have been increased, via 50% for exports by sea and by a hundred percent for exports by air.

The revised scheme is expected to strengthen assistance to help Indian agricultural exporter’s products with rising freight and logistics costs.


Cent Percent 1st Dose Vaccination in Goa


Goa became the 2nd state in India to complete one hundred percent covid vaccination of the first dose for all its eligible residents.

Himachal Pradesh was the first state to attain this feat. According to Sept 11, the active case load in India stands at 3,91,516.

The complete tally is 3,32,08,330 in accordance with the Union Health Ministry’s data for today’s data. So far, the country has received 730.5 million doses of Covid vaccine.

According to the union health ministry, around 58% of India’s adult population has obtained the first dose and almost 18% both doses.

High numbers of cases are being found in Kerala and Maharashtra.



Samvatsari Event – Jain Community


At the event of Samvatsari, the Prime Minister of India greeted people.

About Samvatsari:

Samvatsari is a festival celebrated by the Jain community, mainly the Shwetambara sect.

It is the last day of an eight-day observance of prayers known as Paryushana Parva or Paryushana.

It falls on Shukla Panchami every year in the Jain calendar month of Bhadrapada.

Samvatsari is also regarded as the Day of Forgiveness.

On this day, people are looking for forgiveness from others for wrongs done knowingly or unknowingly. To seek forgiveness from others, people will say the words Michhami Dukkadam

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