DMPQ Premium-. Explain the importance of greenstone belts of Karnataka.

Greenstone belts of Karnataka attracted the attention of geological community, both for its complex geological history and rich mineral resources. The era of 2900 million years to 2600 million years witnessed this great event of the evolution of Greenstone belts in Karnataka. Stratigraphic level vis-à-vis geochronological positioning of different schist belts had always been a point of endless yet useful debate. Large scale, mega enclaves of high grade schistose rocks, south of Mysore around Sargur and in its adjacent areas were considered to be a distinct stratigraphic entity and older in age.

These litho-assemblages are also considered to be equivalent to that of Dharwarian event by another school of workers. The entire schistose rocks of Karnataka are broadly grouped into Eastern block true greenstone belts, Western block schistose belts. These two blocks are separated by the Chitradurga boundary fault near the western margin of Closepet Granite.

The later is further divisible into belts of green schist facies and of higher grade amphibolite facies as shown under:

  • Western block (Dharwar),
  • Western block (Sargur),
  • Eastern block (Dharwar),
  • Transitional belts are dealt as per the recent classification given by Ramakrishnan .

Litho-assemblage of western greenstone block of Dharwar Supergroup is divided into lower Bababudan Group, largely consisting of volcanic suites with shelf/platformal metasediments rich in iron and manganese precipitates; and the upper Chitradurga Group, that is largely made up of sedimentary sequence.

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