DMPQ: Explain the nature of demands made by Gandhiji in the 11 point ultimatum.

Before the launch of Civil disobedience movement, 11 point demand was released by Gandhiji. It was an ultimatum to the british Governmnet. The 11 point were inclusive in nature and tried to cover all sections like traders, women, peasants. The pints also include that rights of the citizen being curbed by the unjust laws through executive action.

Majority of demands were to protect Indian Industries such as changing the exchange ratio between ruppee and sterling; Impose custom duty on foreign cloth. Some demands were to curb social evil such as Prohibition in the use of intoxicants and liquor.

The other demands were put forward to curb the expenditure and cut short the drain of wealth such as reduction on military expenditure, expenditure on civil administration. Impoverishment of peasantry was another by product of British policy. There was the demand of reduction in land revenue to deal with this.

Finally there were demands against the introduction of unjust laws which were the direct attack on self prestige. Like introduction of salt tax. , Abolishment of CID department, acceptance of postal reservation bill were another demand. The demands were not accepted and hence CDM was launched.


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