DMPQ- Give an account on the ideas of Ambedkar. Do you think they are still relevant?

Ambedkar’s main ideas thrusted upon equality, social justice and perpetual improvement of the society.  He emphasis on mitigation of evils of caste system. This idea is still relevant. As caste is one of the dividing factor in India.

His idea of social justice encapsulated political, economic and social democracy. Acc. To him, political dem. Without social and eco. Dem. Is a myth. He gave this statement during the debate in constituent assembly. He thrusted upon the idea of Directive Principles of state Policy. He wanted the annihilation of all those practices which snatches or create hurdle in the liberty of an individual.  This ideals still holds good as Indian society is still far from inclusive. Marginalised section are still exploited in the name of caste, patriarchy etc.

He was against the heroic worship in politics. The heroic worship snatches democratic and rational element. People starts to guide by emotions rather than rationality. For achieving the fruits of democracy, this element need to be weeded out. This will make us more mature democracy.

The continuance of constitutional ideals is a testimony of Ambedkar legacy. This has to be followed in letter and spirit. His work ethos, principled approach, intellectualism, ideals are source of guiding path for our generation. Hence the relevance of Ambedkar is growing day by day.


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