Agro-climatic Regions of Rajasthan for Ras RTS Mains and Ras RTS Prelims exam

Variable Climatic condition throughout the state has led to the development of different agricultural practices. Scientists have divided the state into following agro-climatic regions:-

Western Agricultural Region:-

  • It covers the sandy arid plains with low rainfall and thus about 70% of the net cropped area is under Kharif crops of bajra and pulses. This region extands to the districts of Jaisalmer, Barmer,Bikaner,Jodhpur ,Pali and Churu.
  • Availability of irrigation facility has divided the region into two types of crop combination.
  • Bajra-Jowar-Sesamum-Wheat region (where irrigation facilities are provided like Pali district by Jawai dam canal) and Bajra mono culture where irrigation facilities are limited. Success of Indra Gandhi Canal could be viewed from the fact that Sriganganagar and Hanumangarh are the only districts in western Rajasthan where ravi crops dominate the cropping pattern.
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Central Agricultural Region

  • Most of the area in this region is a part of Banas basin and covers the districts of Ajmer,Jaipur and Bhilwara.
  • During Kharif season bajra,jowar,maize,pulses,oil seeds and cotton are cultivated while Barley and wheat are cultivated in the Ravi season.

South- Central Agricultural Region

  • It covers the districts of Chittorgarh,Udaipur and Rajsamand  with a general crop combination of Maize-Wheat and Gram-Jowar.

South-Eastern Agricultural Region

  • This region is generally covered by the Black soil and is is an important Jowar growing area of the state.It covers the districts of Jhalawar, Bundi ,Kota,Baran and Tonk.
  • Kharif crops are:- Jowar,Maize,oil seeds,cotton and Sugarcane
  • Ravi crops are:- wheat and gram

North-Eastern Agricultural Region

  • This region is a predominately Ravi growing area covering the districts of Sawaimadhopur, Alwar and Bharatpur.
  • Kharif crops are:- Bajra,Jowar,Oilseeds,Pulses and Rice
  • Ravi Crops are:- Wheat,Barley and Oil seeds

South-Western Agricultural Region

  • It covers the predominately rice and maize growing districts of Dungarpur and Banswara.

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