Rajasthan : An introduction


According to 2011 Census final Report population of Rajasthan is 6,85,48,437 (ie 6.85 Crore) and is 8th in the country based on population.

North to south- 23.03 N TO 30.12N

West to east- 69.30 E To 78.17 E

Tropic of cancer passes through Southern part through the Banswarda and dungpur districts


State boundry is shared with Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh (Longest), Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

Gujrat:-Pardmer, Jalor,Sirohi,Udaipur,Dungarpur,Banswarda

Madhya Pradesh:-Dholpur,Karoli,Sawai Madhepur, kota, Bara,Chitorgarh,Bhilwarda,Pratapgarh,Banswarda and Jhalaward

Uttar Pradesh:-Bharatpur, Dholpur

Haryana:-Hanumangarh, Churu,Jhunjhunu,sikar,Jaipur,Alwar,Bharatpur

Punjab:- Shriganganagar and Hanumargarh of Raj and firozpur and muktshpur of punjab

Total Boundary of state is 5920 KM( 1070 KM with Pakistan)

Districts with border with Pakistan from north to south are:-

  • Shri Ganganagar:- 210 Km
  • Bikaner:- 168Km (shortest)
  • Jaisalmer:-464 Km(longest)
  • Barmer:-228 Km

8 Districts have no border with other state or country (namely Pali,Rajsamand,Jodhpur,Nagor,Dosa,and bundi.)

Pali border with (EIGHT) maximum districts of raj.

25 districts at Independence

  • 26th Ajmer (after integration of Ajmer Merwarda union territory)
  • 27th Dholpur (bifurcating Bharatpur on 15th apr 1982)
  • 28th Bara (Bifurcating Kota on 10th Apr 1991)
  • 29th Dosa( Bifurcating Jaipur on 10th Apr 1991)
  • 30th Rajsamand( Bifurcating Udaipur on 10th Apr 1991)
  • 31st Hanumangarh( Bifurcating Shriganganangar on 12-jul-1994)
  • 32nd Karoli ( Bifurcating Sawaimadhepur on 19-july-1997)
  • 33rd Pratapgarh ( Reorganizing Chitorgarh, Udaipur and Banswarda on 26-jan-2008)

Area wise Largest Five Districts( in Decreasing order):-

  1. Jaisalmer
  2. Barmerd
  3. Bikaner
  4. Jodhpur
  5. Nagore

Population wise Largest Five Districts( in Decreasing order):-

  1. Jaipur
  2. Jodhpur
  3. Alwar
  4. Nagore
  5. Udaipur
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