DMPQ: Montreal protocol has been one of the rarest treaty that achieve success. What is Montreal protocol all about?

Montreal protocol  is a treaty signed in 1987 to ban ozone depletion substance like CFC’s and HCFC which were used in refrigerators and Air conditioner. India is also one of the signatories of Montreal protocol. The Montreal Protocol has proven to be innovative and successful, and is the first treaty to achieve universal ratification by all countries in the world

In stratosphere ozone layer is present. This ozone layer protects us from carcinogenic ultraviolet radiations. Due to the continuous use of CFC, and  HCFC ozone layer concentration was getting lower. This phenomenon is called ‘Ozone Hole’. This phenomenon takes place near polar region. The Polar stratospheric clouds release free radical chlorine ion. It is a  stable radical which destroy lots of ozone molecules by converting them into Oxygen.( Write down the equations)

Kigali amendment is an amendment to phase down the consumption and eventually the production of HFC. The HFC were used as a replacement of CFC and HCFC. On On oct 15,2016 parties to Montreal protocol adopted to the Kigali agreement.

Fact check: . Full implementation of the Montreal Protocol is expected to result in avoidance of more than 280 million cases of skin cancer, approximately 1.6 million skin cancer deaths in USA


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