Geographical location of Karnataka

Geographical location of Karnataka:- Introduction:-   Geography of Karnataka states that Karnataka is the eighth largest state in India. Mysore was renamed as Karnataka on the first day of November, 1973. Spread over an area of 1, 92,000 square kilometers, Karnataka is situated on a tableland where the Western and Eastern Ghat ranges converge into … Read more

Karnataka Planned Development

Karnataka Planned Development Karnataka is situated in the south western region of India. It is one of the most prosperous states in India. Karnataka has made tremendous progress in the fields of education, industry, agriculture, literature and tourism. Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka. Bengaluru is known as the Silicon Valley of Asia due to … Read more

Cropping Patterns in Karnataka

Cropping Patterns in Karnataka Karnataka is India’s eighth largest state in geographical area covering 1.92 lakh sq km and accounting for 6.3 per cent of the geographical area of the country. The state is delineated into 30 districts and 176 taluks spread over 27,481 villages. In Karnataka, agriculture is the major occupation for a majority … Read more

  Relief and Structure of Karnataka

Relief and Structure of Karnataka Karnataka has representatives of all types of variations in topography – high mountains, plateaus, residual hills and coastal plains. The State is enclosed by chains of mountains to its west, east and south. It consists mainly of plateau which has higher elevation of 600 to 900 metres above mean sea … Read more