Oceans  tides

Oceans  tides An ocean tide refers to the cyclic rise and fall of seawater. Tides are caused by slight variations in gravitational attraction between the Earth and the moon and the Sun in geometric relationship with locations on the Earth’s surface. Tides are periodic primarily because of the cyclical influence of the Earth’s rotation. The … Read more

Ocean Currents

Oceans: Currents Ocean current, stream made up of horizontal and vertical components of the circulation system of ocean waters that is produced by gravity, wind friction, and water density variation in different parts of the ocean. Ocean currents are similar to winds in the atmosphere in that they transfer significant amounts of heat from Earth’s … Read more

Human Races

A race is a grouping of humans based on shared physical or social qualities into categories generally viewed as inherently distinct by society. India is a multicultural country. Anthropologists are committed to grasping the dynamics of communities and populations. As anthropology combines the premises of a biological as well as well as socio-cultural study, it looks at … Read more

Salinity of oceans

Salinity of oceans Salinity is defined as the ratio between the weight of the dissolved materials and the weight of the sample sea water. Generally, salinity is defined as ‘the total amount of solid material in grams contained in one kilogram of sea water and is expressed as part per thousand (%o) e.g., 30%o (means … Read more

Hydrosphere an introduction

Hydrosphere – World Oceans Salinity – Ocean currents and Tides – Ocean Deposits Water is all over on Earth. About 70% of the surface of the planet is roofed by water. If you were an alien visiting the earth, you’d see a large blue sphere from area (especially on the Pacific side). Not solely is … Read more

Elements of Climate and weather

ELEMENTS OF CLIMATE AND WEATHER   Climate is decided by a region’s climate system. A climate system has few major components: the atmosphere, the layer, the cryosphere, and the land surface. The atmosphere is that the most variable a part of the climate system. The composition and movement of gases encompassing the planet will change … Read more