Karnataka budget 2020-21

Karnataka budget 2020-21 Economic outlook in the eve of Budget 2020-21 The growth rate of Gross State Domestic Product during the year 2018-19 was at 7.8%. Against this it is estimated that for the year 2019-20 there will be a growth rate of 6.8%. Fiscal deficit for 2020-21 is targeted at Rs 46,072 crore (2.55% … Read more

Karnataka Planned Development

Karnataka Planned Development Karnataka is situated in the south western region of India. It is one of the most prosperous states in India. Karnataka has made tremendous progress in the fields of education, industry, agriculture, literature and tourism. Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka. Bengaluru is known as the Silicon Valley of Asia due to … Read more

Animal Husbandry of Karnataka

Animal Husbandry of Karnataka The Animal Husbandry and Livestock Sector plays an important role for the rural economy of Karnataka. Animal husbandry plays a vital role and provides additional source of income to the farmers of the country. Animal products, for long, have also played an important role in the socio-economic life of the country. … Read more

Karnataka Schemes and Projects

Karnataka Schemes and Projects Karnataka Government Schemes 2017-18 Following schemes are covered in this article- Free laptop scheme Guru Chetana Scheme: Mathru Purna Scheme: SankalpadindaSiddi Programme: Karnataka Aarogya Bhagya Scheme: Yuva Yuga – New Skill Training Scheme: Housing Scheme for BPL Families (Upcoming Scheme of Karnataka Government): Home Health Care Services Under National Health Campaign … Read more

Main Features of budgets of Karnataka

budgets of Karnataka  Driven by various fiscal consolidation measures, Karnataka has managed its expenditure well even while enhancing its revenues. The State’s fiscal deficit has declined marginally from 2.79% in 2015-16 (RE) to the level of 2.12% of GSDP in 2016-17 (BE), while the capital outlay has increased marginally from Rs. 21133.91 crore in 2015-16(RE) … Read more

Karnataka Trade and Commerce

Karnataka Trade and Commerce Karnataka is one of the leading states of India for trading. Holding the fifth highest GDP ranking among all Indian states, Karnataka’s GDP growth is 17% (2016-17). This indicates its potential for further trade & industrial growth. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is the IT hub of India and also the fourth … Read more

Karnataka Food Security

Karnataka Food Security Nutrition is major Public Health emergency in India, with about 50% of its population suffering from it in some form of protein calorie deficit or micronutrient malnourishment. It causes for 50% of child mortality. According to World Health Organisation report 2015 :-42% of children between 0- 5 years of age in India are underweight … Read more