Karnataka Schemes and Projects

Karnataka Schemes and Projects

Karnataka Government Schemes 2017-18

Following schemes are covered in this article-

  • Free laptop scheme
  • Guru Chetana Scheme:
  • Mathru Purna Scheme:
  • SankalpadindaSiddi Programme:
  • Karnataka Aarogya Bhagya Scheme:
  • Yuva Yuga – New Skill Training Scheme:
  • Housing Scheme for BPL Families (Upcoming Scheme of Karnataka Government):
  • Home Health Care Services Under National Health Campaign to be Launched in Karnataka:


Free laptop scheme

The free laptop scheme was announced by the state government in the 2017 annual budget for all undergraduate students. Karnataka government had allocated Rs. 225 crore for the scheme in its 2017-18 financial budget. But earlier this scheme was started only to SC/ST students but the government in now planning to include students from other categories as well.

According to the notification, state government may modify the income limit so that more students can avail the benefits of the free laptop scheme. The department of higher education may increase the income limit from 2.5 Lakh to 6 Lakh per annum.

At present, this scheme doesn’t cover students of B. Ed, Law, Agriculture and veterinary departments. But student of these courses are also demanding to get the benefit from this scheme.

The government had an early plan of distributing about 1.5 lakh laptops to the students but the number may increase by up to 10% after the revision in income limit and category of beneficiaries.

Once all the make-up of the scheme is finalized, the government would invite tenders from the laptop manufactures to put an order. The government is also deciding about the configuration of the laptops. Once the order is finalized, the government would give two months time period to the company to supply the laptops.

Guru Chetana Scheme:

The Karnataka government has launched “Guru Chetana Scheme” to improve the quality of education in the state. This scheme was launched at a function organized at the District Institute of Training and Education (DIET) by the state govt.

The objective of this scheme is to provide opportunities to the teachers to enhance their skills, ability to learn and increase the base of knowledge to improve the quality of education. The officers of the Department of Public Instructions will design the framework and strive for the successful implementation of Guru Chetana Scheme.

The state government is committed to bring reforms and ensure the quality of education in all government aided schools across the state. As per the notification, this scheme contains 29 modules across 8 subjects which includes Science, English, Social Science and Maths.

In addition to this, teachers can choose a subject in any of these modules of their interest to receive specialized training. Teachers can take the full benefit of this scheme and check the performance of their students. This scheme is being launched simultaneously across the state.

Under this scheme, nearly 50,000 teachers will get selected across the state. Furthermore, the government has fixed the target to provide training  to 1400 teachers at district level.

Also to make this scheme successful, the state government will select some experts along with teachers as resource persons to implement the scheme successfully across the state. All persons will get benefited from this scheme.

Mathru Purna Scheme:

The state government of Karnataka is implementing “Mathru Purna Scheme” for pregnant and lactating poor women across the state. The aim of the scheme is to provide at least one nutritious meal every day to pregnant women particularly those living in rural areas of the state.

The objective of this scheme is to improve maternal health that has a direct impact on the women and child’s nutrition. Under the scheme, the estimated cost of each meal could be around Rs. 21 per meal. The meal to pregnant women would be provided for 15 months that means it starts from the time of pregnancy to up to six months after delivery. This scheme will help in curb child malnutrition across the state.

The guideline and framework of Mathru Purna Scheme has been operated by the department of women and child welfare, government of Karnataka. This scheme includes rice, dal or sambar, green vegetables, pulses, egg and groundnut-jaggery chikki to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women in rural areas.

In addition, this scheme is providing two kinds of sprouts for those pregnant women who don’t eat eggs. The responsibility to implement this scheme is of all the anganwadis working among rural women across the State.

During 2016-17 financial year, the state government had launched micro nutrients for pregnant and lactating women who are living in backward taluks at a cost of Rs 42 crore under Mathru Pushtivardhini Scheme, under National Health Mission (NHM).

In 2017-18 financial budget, the government had made an announcement to extend the scheme to all 30 districts in the state and made a provision in budget and allocated funds of Rs. 302 crore for effective implementation of this scheme.

Moreover, the workers of anganwadis can change the diet in case the stipulated items aren’t easily available in the region and the food preference of beneficiary’s will be taken into consideration at time of providing meals.

SankalpadindaSiddi Programme:

Prime Minister NarendraModi has launched “SankalpadindaSiddi programme” in Karnataka state to empowering farmers throughout the country. This program organised by the University of Agricultural Sciences at Harobelavadi village in Dharwadtaluk of Karnataka.

Under Sankalpadindasiddi programme, government will provide many opportunities like adequate water, quality power supply and link farmers to the market etc. to double the income of farmers till 2022.

Moreover, government will provide drip irrigation facility, soil testing and providing micro nutrients in the scheme to rejuvenate the agriculture sector. The government is also planning to encourage the farmers to adopt online Procurement System will be undertaken through the food corporation of India (FCI).

According to the official notification, the government will link farmers to the domestic and international markets so that the farmers will get good price for their produce. Under the scheme, farmers will be introduced with the advent of information and technology because the lacking of sufficient knowledge of scientific tools for their produce.

Karnataka Aarogya Bhagya Scheme:

The Karnataka state government is going to launch a healthcare scheme named “Aarogya Bhagya Scheme” for providing free medical treatment to poor across the state. The government has fixed the target to cover around 14 million state households as a part of universal health coverage (UHC) under the scheme.

The mainstream of the scheme is to provide free healthcare services particularly to needy households in the state. The targeted people under the Aarogya Bhagya scheme mainly will be from socially and economically backward classes in the society.

The main objective of the Aarogya Bhagya health insurance scheme is to provide healthcare facilities especially to households belonging to socially and economically backward classes. The scheme will provide cashless treatment facilities at all the government hospitals across the state and selected empaneled private healthcare institutions and hospitals.

Below are the main highlights of Karnataka Aarogya Bhagya Scheme

  • The Universal health coverage (UHC) scheme will cover around 14 million households.
  • The Aadhar card will be linked with the universal health card to leverage the healthcare facilities.
  • The scheme will start on 1 November at Kannada Rajyotsava day in all districts of the state.
  • The state government will merge seven different existing healthcare schemes in the Aarogya Bhagya scheme, accordingly to the official notification.
  • This scheme will provide benefits to everyone without any discrepancy among APL and BPL card holders.
  • The beneficiary of this scheme can get healthcare treatment in government as well as private hospitals.

Schemes to be Merged in Aarogya Bhagya

Below is the list of 7 existing healthcare schemes which will be merged into the new Aarogya Bhagya scheme for the better efficiency and transparency in the whole implementation of the scheme.

  • Rajiv Arogya Bhagya Scheme
  • Vajpayee Arogyashree Scheme
  • MukhyamantriSantwana Harish scheme
  • Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme
  • JananiShishuSurakshaKaryakram
  • RashtriyaSwasthyaBimaYojana
  • JyothiSanjeevini Scheme

According to the notification, Aarogya Bhagya scheme the free healthcare facilities will be provided in two categories for needy households across the state.

In first category, about 10.5 million households will be covered from different categories including farmers, unorganized workers, Anganwadi (childcare centre) workers, SC / ST, media professionals, teachers of aided schools, public servants and even sanitation workers. Though, the beneficiaries of this category will not make any contribution towards the Aarogya Bhagya Scheme. The remaining three million households will be covered under the second category.

Insurance Premium of Aarogya Bhagya Scheme

The insurance premium amount of the Aarogya Bhagya Scheme has been decided and is different for households in rural and urban areas. People who are living in rural areas have to pay annually Rs. 300 per person and in urban areas Rs. 700 per person as insurance premium to avail the benefits of this scheme.

Moreover, the state government is also planning to fix the rates for various secondary and tertiary procedures under the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments rules which will be paid to the private hospitals.

Additionally, to ensure the services in emergency cases including for both accidents and medical / surgical emergencies, treatment will be provided at the nearest hospital whether government or private under Treatment first and Payment Next program.

The government has taken effective measures to ensure the better health and well-being of the citizens which are living in the state.

Yuva Yuga – New Skill Training Scheme:

A new skill training scheme named as “Yuva Yuga” has been launched in the Karnataka state. The Yuva Yuga scheme is aimed at creating about 10 Lakh skilled jobs in the state by providing new-age technology skill training to the youth. In 2017-18 alone, under the Yuva Yuga scheme, the Karnataka state government would training about 1.10 Lakh youth.

Under the Yuva Yuga skill training scheme, youth would be trained to become job ready for about 328 job roles across industries. Yuva Yuga program was announced in 2015-16 financial budget but would be implemented from the current year.Karnataka Schemes and Projects

Under the Yuva Yuga scheme, skill training centres across the state would be opened to provide skill training to youth and make them employable. Skill training in many cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and others would be provided to the youth with the assistance of Karnataka Department of IT, Biotech and Science & Technology.

The Yuva Yuga scheme would provide skills in line with the current industry demands. Skills would be provided to the youth to make them employable for entry and mid-level job roles. People up to 10 years of experience can join the Yuva Yuga training programs and enhance their skills for better employment opportunities.

The state in near future to emerge as a leading growth state in other sectors such as manufacturing, animation, gaming, visual effects, telecom, etc. Therefore, new skilled talent would be required to meet the increasing demand.

Housing Scheme for BPL Families (Upcoming Scheme of Karnataka Government):

The state government of Karnataka is planning to introduce a new housing scheme for BPL families across the state. The intention of state government is to provide houses for one lakh people who are living under BPL category in Karnataka as per the official data.

According to the official notification, Housing department of Karnataka will soon get parcels of land of around 662 acres reclaimed on the outskirts of the city from the state government. The house will measure 300 square feet with a single bedroom which will be provided to each beneficiary.

Moreover, state government is continuously talking with banks to provide long term housing loans (20 years) with an EMI of Rs. 2,000 per month to each beneficiary.

Categories of Beneficiaries

Following are the main categories of the BPL beneficiaries who will be provided houses under the scheme

  • Vegetable Vendors
  • Auto Rickshaw Drivers
  • Domestic Servants
  • Slum Dwellers
  • People living in rented homes

Feature of Karnataka Housing Scheme for BPL Families

Below are some of the salient features of the housing scheme for BPL families

  • The scheme will provide housing only to people belonging to Below Poverty Line category.
  • Each applicant will have to provide his/her Aadhaar number at time of registration.
  • Eligible applicants will be selected through a lottery system.
  • Applicants should have to their domicile in the city for at least five years.
  • The handicapped applicants will get a discretionary quota ostensibly.

The detailed information about the BPL housing scheme will be out only after the scheme is launched.

Home Health Care Services Under National Health Campaign to be Launched in Karnataka:

The Karnataka health department is introducing Home Health Care Services under the National Health Campaign with the help of Public Health Foundation of India in Hyderabad-Karnataka region. Under this scheme, poor families in selected six districts will get free home health care services. The primary health services will be provided by the health department at their doorstep.

The aim of the scheme is to eliminate the diseases in the first stage by providing medicine at home for the welfare of patient. The health department will also recommend the better hospitals to patients. The campaign would also generate the awareness about the family planning in the state.

Initially the National health campaign will start the scheme in Bidar, Ballari, Kalaburgi, Rayachuru and Yadagiri district of Karnataka-Hyderabad region.

Home Health Care Service – Highlights

  • The main targets will be the poor families across the state.
  • The health department will provide medicines for flu, vomiting, diarrhea related diseases.
  • Many problems related eye, nose, throat, teeth and cancer, free health check-ups for diabetes, blood pressure, hemiplegia, lung diseases, will be covered under the scheme.
  • The program will also provide healthcare service for pregnant women and children.

Gradually, this campaign will be implemented in all districts across the state. Under the scheme, the state health department will provide fund to modify 105 sub-health centres in Mysuru’s T Narasipura and Rayachuru’sLingasugurutalukas. For the home health care services, the department is hiring 105 BSc nursing graduates as medicare assistants. The eligible nurse will be trained for 6 months through IGNOU bridge course.

After completing the course at IGNOU, these Medicare assistants will provide the requisite service at patient’s home. The home health care nurses can work alone in the field with support resources available from the health department. To remove the difficulties, the home health care services are to assist the patient to remain at home, avoiding hospitalization or admission.

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